Circuit by Unify

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Imagine effortless collaboration—everywhere

Circuit is everything your teams need to communicate in a single app. It’s voice, video, screen share, chat, and file sharing. It’s collaboration made simple.

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Everything you need for success

Discovering. Circuit offers context, finding what you need, what you discussed, what you shared, and what you missed.

Creating. Circuit inspires teamwork, bringing minds together to invent, build and solve.

Sharing. Circuit unites, keeping you connected and on top of what really matters.

Moving. Circuit travels with you, freeing you to work where you want, when you want, and how you want.
It’s easy to use
Instant access to people, knowledge and content keeps you engaged, organized and informed.

It’s mobile
Use your browser, iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM and swipe your calls from one device to another.

It’s social
Stimulate creativity, cooperation and problem solving with online communities.

It’s secure
Have peace of mind knowing that all your conversations and data are secure.

Introducing Circuit Meeting Room

Circuit Meeting Room

Your collaboration spaces
are connected

Circuit Meeting Room is a huddle room collaboration solution that cost effectively brings the experience of video conferencing together with the collaborative, persistent and secure capabilities of Circuit – it’s the collaboration-space enabler of the digital workplace.



Circuit makes your teamwork better

You are organized

Circuit is one app with all the capabilities you need to communicate. It’s instant access to files and information shared over time. It’s everything that’s relevant together in one place.

You are connected

With Circuit, you collaborate as naturally when you’re apart as when you’re together. It’s your virtual office, making sure you and your team are always connected.

You are informed

Knowledge doesn’t remain locked in folders. It’s shared and searchable. Find what you need within seconds. Remove silos and keep everyone in the know.

Circuit is available for free for as long as you want. And when you’re ready to add more people, features, and storage, just contact us.


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Circuit is simplicity

Whether your company is a start up with 20 employees or a multinational company of thousands, we have a package that’s right for you. 

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