Business starts with a conversation.

We’re about to change the conversation.

In this hyper-connected world, where mobility and collaboration are the norm, today’s anywhere workers demand a consumer-like experience from the enterprise communications solutions they use every day. Yet many organizations find themselves mired in a maddening reality of fragmented or incomplete offerings, frustrated users and missed opportunities. Not only are companies often dealing with layers of incompatible technologies, but also the technologies themselves are often disconnected from the way business is actually conducted.

Enter Unify.

Our mission is to unify multiple networks, devices and applications into one engaging, easy-to-use experience for our customers:

  • Across virtually any communications channel, whether it’s voice, video, social or search
  • Using virtually any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop device
  • Embedded directly into our customers’ unique business workflows

This mission to unify is what drives us today. And it is driving our vision of the future, called Circuit—a dynamic communications and collaboration platform that will deliver on the three elements critical to transformative team collaboration: universal content aggregation into a single view; an engaging user experience that drives user adoption; and seamless integration into business process to drive dramatic business improvement.

Unify: Our time is now.

These are exciting times for our industry. At Unify, we believe that the confluence of technological advances happening at this very moment—from the ubiquity of mobility to the rise of WebRTC—will lead to opportunities for our clients to harmonize systems, amplify team performance and ultimately dramatically improve business performance. For us, becoming Unify isn’t just a name change; it reflects a sea change in possibilities.

Business begins with a conversation. We’re changing the conversation. Stay tuned.