OpenScape Cloud Contact Center

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Customer Service Made Simple – In the Cloud

A world-class contact center can be essential to sales and support operations. It can also offer a sustainable competitive advantage. Now it’s available on demand.

Protect your traditional call center with a hot standby in the cloud.

With OpenScape Cloud Contact Center, you can run a call center without the costs and in-house expertise that other solutions require. Instead of IT, you can focus on your business and its success.

Add new capabilities to your business or support your existing contact center with an on-demand solution that will ensure business continuity—all without having to purchase, install, integrate, maintain and support everything. With our top-rated cloud contact center platform, we can help you achieve your business results at a substantially lower cost of ownership.

  • Skills-based routing and reporting of inbound and outbound phone, email, chat and social media
  • Integrated IVR (DTMF or speech recognition) with drag-and-drop GUI application development
  • Predictive, progressive, and preview outbound dialing with campaign management
  • Workforce Optimization: Voice & Screen Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, eLearning, Customer Surveys
  • Pre-packaged and custom CRM integrations
  • Overlays any existing communications platform

Success Story | Columbus State College

Transforming technical support and help desk services with OpenScape Cloud Contact Center.

The full functionality you need, without the hassle of maintaining it.

Can a cloud solution really deliver everything you’d expect? In a word, yes. OpenScape Cloud Contact Center provides:

  • Intelligent skills-based routing for inbound and outbound voice, email and webchat
  • Predictive and blended outbound dialer
  • Integrated IVR front end and self-service
  • Web-based agent and management desktops
  • Standard and custom real-time and historical reports
  • Built-in integration software
  • Customer survey
  • Quality management
  • Workforce management
  • E-learning

The integration you demand, and the dependability you need.

OpenScape Cloud Contact Center works with your existing voice system — whatever it is — and supports your TDM, IP or hybrid environment, phones and clients. Plus, it integrates easily with customer relationship management applications, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

OpenScape Cloud Contact Center is an award-winning platform—for good reasons. It provides an enterprise-class, highly secure infrastructure and comes with a higher uptime guarantee than any other cloud contact center.

What is a cloud contact center?

A cloud contact center is a software solution deployed for customer engagement business activities hosted on remote infrastructure so organizations typically only pay for the use of the solution, reducing operating costs but also standardizing on solution capabilities.

What is the different between customer experience and customer engagement?

Customer experience represents the interactions a customer has with the brand. This can range from brick and mortar store layout and how you navigate through a floor plan to the dominant flavour in the coffee you buy – all are decisions the business makes to invest in the brand. Customer experience is all encompassing and where a company chooses to invest defines the brand. Customer engagement is a subset of customer experience and represents the open dialogue a customer has with a business, whether at the point of sale or asking for support, from outbound solicitation and surveys to Web site self-service and social comments. Again, it is influenced by the organization’s definition of customer experience but is an omni-channel conversation the customer has with the business.

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