Healthcare communications

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Streamline clinical workflow. Enable better patient care.

Meet the challenges of healthcare information sharing, collaboration and efficiency. Unify can help you get there with streamlined processes, a mobilized staff and an improved patient experience.

Dedicate people and resources to what they do best.

We don’t need to tell you that healthcare is challenging. Increasing patient loads, more people managing chronic diseases, an aging population and a desire to move toward preventative healthcare, need to be aligned with reduced budgets and ongoing staff shortages.

We create unique solutions to reduce administrative and process-driven strains on the system, so healthcare staff can get back to what they do best: caring for patients.

Success Story | Birmingham Children's Hospital

See how this hospital deployed Unify’s OpenScape Xpert to streamline clinical decision processes.

Success Story |  Neutraal Ziekenfonds Vlaanderen

Neutraal Ziekenfonds has installed an OpenScape Contact Center solution from Unify.

The Modern Patient Experience:
Where Care Matters

The future of healthcare: accelerating change to transform care quality, patient experience, and staff satisfaction.

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Veteran Affairs

Unify provides the US Veteran Affairs with a series of solutions to support and enhance the care experience for those involved with patients diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Success Story | Dr. Christóvão da Gama Hospital

A comprehensive Unified Communications solution and total infrastructure refresh from Unify – bring reduced costs and expanded mobility capabilities

Designed to help your healthcare institution connect better.

Solutions such as bedside terminals, dispatch and alerting systems, and mobile technology enable medical staff in acute and remote care scenarios to dedicate more time to patients.

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