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The Connected State

Achieve more by connecting with the public across every channel. Empower your employees to be mobile, to facilitate their decision-making and enable them to react swiftly to urgent events.

Government is at a crossroads. The Connected State provides a roadmap.

Now more than ever, the public sector is expected to achieve more with less. Budgets are limited. Resources are strained. But you need to connect with the public across every channel available.

The Connected State empowers employees to be mobile, work remotely and react swiftly to public needs—all with an increased eye on security and reliability, and in a manner that helps you  optimize your communications and your budget.

Success Story | City of Mannheim

The City of Mannheim, with a population of around 325,000, wants to become one of the most modern city administrations in Germany. Contributing to this plan is the simplification of communications across all channels through a solution installed and operated by Unify.

Transforming the Way PSAPs Manage Communications

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) require software-driven solutions that will empower their staff without burdening them with information overload. NG9-1-1 is a collaboration of services and multimedia sources which must be managed as a unified call flow, not as separate product silos within a PSAP.

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A Blueprint for a Highly Engaged City

Learn How to Transform Citizen Engagement

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Align government more closely with citizens.

Optimize the quality and quantity of engagement with citizens in the ways they want to communicate—using any device, across any network and with any media.

Unify solutions for the public sector ensure deeper communications and collaboration within and across all agencies and departments.

Carrier-grade reliability and security deliver operational excellence and rapid response to emergencies.

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