Unify Defines and Delivers a New Industry Category for the New Way to Work and Promises a Radical Shift in the Human Work Experience

After two years of intensive study of people and work and the impact of technology on productivity, Unify today announced from WSJDLIVE, The Wall Street Journal’s inaugural technology conference, and an event with design firm frog in Munich, that it has defined and now delivered a completely new category of technology for the way people and companies will work moving forward. Combining art and science to revolutionize collaboration, Unify has created Circuit by Unify, previously known as Project Ansible (now Circuit). Circuit by Unify  operates from a single-pane-of-glass that brings together voice, video, screen sharing, messaging, and file sharing. Circuit removes the burden of app switching from people so they can focus on connecting, innovating and collaborating. It is a platform that stores and manages information through associations and conversations.

“No other enterprise vendor has approached the challenge of work and productivity like Unify,” said Dean Douglas, CEO at Unify. “We thought about people first as we set out to study the problems of work today. How do we help people feel good about their work experience, when do they feel most connected, valued and productive. We created an experience that mimics the brain, and naturally transforms the collaborative process, and teamwork. Simply put, we’ve enabled a New Way to Work that is about people first—that is our passion. With our focus on making work more enjoyable we know it leads to more productivity, which makes people happier and then enables them to create greater value for our customer—the enterprise.”

First debuted to wide acclaim from customers and analysts in June 2013 and designed in collaboration with frog, Circuit empowers teams to engage in rich and meaningful conversations across virtually any communications channel or device resulting in dramatically improved team productivity. Circuit is a completely new and innovative software offering designed to extend beyond the promises of Unified Communications (UC) supporting recognized industry megatrends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), addressing the role of millennials in the workforce, their requirements of mobility and the rise of the Anywhere Worker.

“Circuit is a great example of how work technology should work and how we as users want it to work,” said Stowe Boyd, Research Lead at GigaOm. “Circuit's user experience is based on a deep understanding of how today’s teams want to connect, communicate and work together on a daily basis.”

Unify conducted customer beta trials over the last five months to gather further feedback on the user experience, with responses from C-Level, line-of-business end user, and IT customers. More than 80% said the unique value proposition that Circuit presents is valuable to their business.

Leveraging the latest technology trends, Circuit is the first enterprise-class communications and collaboration offering to leverage WebRTC standards, providing high-quality video and voice from a browser, PC, tablet or phone, while utilizing bandwidth resources very efficiently. Key capabilities of Circuit today include:

  • Single-pane of glass. Circuit is one web application that brings together all types of media including voice, video, screen share, textual messaging, and content sharing into a single place. Users can collaborate in whatever modality feels most natural to them in one intuitive, collaborative application.
  • Powerful and contextual search capabilities. With Circuit, all content is easy to find. The ability to search and filter by search terms and people, enables users to quickly find the things they need, whenever they need them.
  • Content storage and history. Circuit provides instantaneous access to files and information shared within conversations over time. Everything stays within the context of the conversation, keeping everything that is relevant together in one place.
  • Social collaboration. Circuit users participate in private one-to-one, group, or company-wide conversations, where all content and communications is shared in an ongoing, free flowing and continuous conversation stream, that moves with them wherever they go.
  • Natural user experience. Circuit’s simplicity takes collaborating to a new level. The intuitive user interface provides a more natural and social collaboration experience that is the same on all Circuit devices—from Chrome web browser, iPhone®, or iPad®. Support for Android™ will be available in January 2015.

Global Launch

Unify CEO Dean Douglas and CMO Bill Hurley will discuss the launch of Circuit today via a global webcast from events in Munich and California. To participate in this webcast, please join us today, Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific/1 p.m. Eastern at   

Customer Feedback

“The user interface looks and feels very sleek and professional, and highlights how Unify is innovating in this space,” said Volker Bilgram, team lead at Hyve. “Beyond the technology aspects, Circuit’s user experience is unlike anything we have seen in terms of business collaboration before.”

“The simplicity of getting onboard with Circuit really made it easy for our employees to adopt the solution to fit the needs of work, today,” said Bill Bouie, President and CEO of SkyCom, a provider of telecommunication systems for hospitality. “Our team was excited to try it and we didn’t need any special equipment to get it running.”

“Unify’s latest innovation, Circuit, doesn’t disappoint,” said Michael Deppert, ICT system engineer at City of Zurich. “We’re excited to be using Circuit and we’re already seeing an improvement in the way our teams communicate and collaborate. The product is the first step in the right direction.”

Pricing and Availability

Available now in the US, UK and Germany, pricing for Circuit is $14.95 per user/month. As part of the launch, Unify is offering a 60-day free trial. Circuit users who sign up for an annual contract will be offered Circuit for free through March 31, 2015.

About Circuit by Unify

The result of an agile development effort including extensive research on user requirements and preferences, Circuit is the next-generation communications and collaboration platform from Unify. Previously known as Project Ansible (now Circuit), Circuit improves teamwork by bringing together voice, video, messaging, screen share, and file sharing into a single platform, with one unified view across virtually all devices. Designed to extend beyond the promises of unified communications (UC), Circuit enables teams and “anywhere workers” to collaborate as naturally when they are apart as when they are together, sharing a full history of information and content in a persistent and secure meeting space.

For more information on Circuit by Unify, please visit or #yourcircuit on Twitter following the global webcast on Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific/1 p.m. Eastern.

Over Unify

Unify is één van ‘s werelds grootste communicatiesoftware- en dienstverlenings merken die wereldwijd  geïntegreerde communicatie- en samenwerkingsoplossingen aanbiedt.  De grootte bij onze klanten varieert van 5 medewerkers tot meer dan 500,000 medewerkers. Onze oplossingen verenigen diverse spraak, video en datanetwerken, aangesloten apparaten en applicaties in een eenvoudig te gebruiken platform dat teams toelaat effectief en efficiënt samen te werken, altijd en overal.     Het resultaat is een transformatie in de manier waarop het bedrijf communiceert en samenwerkt die gezamenlijke inspanningen kracht bijzet, het bedrijf energie geeft en de medewerkerstevredenheid alsook de business-prestaties aanzienlijk verbetert.  Unify bouwt verder op de erfenis van productbetrouwbaarheid, innovatie, open standaarden en beveiliging. Onze OpenScape en Circuit communicatie-oplossingen bieden een naadloze en efficiënte samenwerkingservaring – op elk apparaat.  Een wereldwijd team van UCC specialisten en service professionals hebben de standaard gezet voor een rijke communicatie- en samenwerkingservaring die teams in staat stelt om betere resultaten te leveren. Unify is een Atos bedrijf.


Over Atos

Atos SE (Societas Europaea) is toonaangevend in digitale services met een pro forma jaaromzet van 12 miljard euro. Het bedrijf biedt werk aan 100.000 collega’s in 72 landen. Wereldwijd levert Atos aan haar klanten IT-services in vier domeinen: Consulting & Systeemintegratie, Managed Operations & BPO, Cloud Operations, Big Data & Beveiligingsoplossingen en transactiediensten via Worldline, de Europese leider in de markt voor betaaloplossingen en transactiediensten. Met haar diepgaande technologische expertise en kennis van industriële sectoren ondersteunt zij klanten in de volgende marktsectoren: Defensie, Gezondheidszorg, Manufacturing, Media en Nutsvoorzieningen, Publieke Sector, Retail, Telecom en Transport.
Atos focust op het aanbieden van zakelijke technologie die klanten vooruit helpt en in staat stelt hun onderneming van de toekomst te creëren. Atos is de wereldwijde IT-partner voor de Olympische Spelen en Paralympische Spelen en staat genoteerd aan de Euronext Paris market. Atos opereert onder de namen Atos, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldgrid, Bull, Canopy, Unify en Worldline. Bezoek voor meer informatie:

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