Engaged Cities

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Creating a Blueprint for
a Highly Engaged City

Transforming Citizen Services


Connecting Citizens to Services

Citizen demands to access government services are rising through a plethora of new channels amid budgetary pressure. Find out how you can take nine steps to develop a roadmap to citizen engagement transformation.

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The Next Generation of Safety & Security with 9-1-1

The Next Generation of
Safety & Security with 9-1-1

Harnessing a multitude of big data sources such as voice, video and text can provide a more accurate picture of a emergency situation, speeding up incident response times, and enhance situational awareness.

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A Next Generation Local Government

Moves to virtualize applications and architectures can tackle some of the more significant problems; not least how IT leaders can maximize return on their current IT estates without having to rip and replace.

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Productive Cities

Local governments are at a crossroads. Aging populations and high unemployment are driving demand for services, while local governments are being asked to slash budgets.

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Social Media in the Contact Center

You have to be where the conversation is happening. For citizen interactions, treating the new digital and social channels with the same finesse and efficiency as traditional channels is now not just ‘nice to have’ – it’s essential.

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Managing Citizen Engagement

Many citizen interactions require multiple contacts to address the same issue. Queries need to be resolved at first point of contact to increase citizen satisfaction, and to avoid the cost of multiple contacts, call backs or escalations.

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Mobility in the Contact Center

Government officials are increasingly on the move – working remotely and serving citizens using multiple devices. Supervisors seek to manage their remote teams. Citizen contact  has become mobile and traditional contact channels are no longer enough.

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