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Technology has unlocked
exciting business opportunities

Begin your Communications System Upgrade

What would happen if your communications system broke down or stopped working?
Could your business afford it?

These are questions you should be asking yourself if your communication system has reached end of life and end of support. At Unify we have been working hard to make sure you can easily address end of life issues, enhance business capabilities and save money by upgrading.

Seamless, integration communication tools are available to enable you to reduce your maintenance and communication costs. Through an improved solution you can extend your business value by adding a contact center, mobility and collaboration capabilities -allowing you to execute smart customer engagement. Virtual teams brought together, anywhere, anytime. An always-available mobile workforce…

Don’t let an ageing, or inefficient communications system hold you back.

Whether you’re interested in a like for like upgrade or one with improvements, we are here to help you understand and guide you on your upgrade journey.

We can help you realise your full potential. Inject powerful new communications and collaboration capabilities into your business. Unlock fresh ways of working and boost productivity.

Don’t delay. Enable your anywhere workers today.


Your upgrade journey starts here

Our new interactive upgrade tool will provide you with all the information you need to start you on your upgrade journey. Whether you need a like for like replacement system or one with improvements, the benefits are clear. Browse your upgrade options, explore the business case for change and uncover new business capabilities.


HiPath DX/Realitis - End of Support April 2017

If you have a HiPath DX/Realitis, HiPath 500 or HiPath 3000 then this affects you and you need to make sure you are aware of the impact to you and your business.

Your communications system is vital to your organisation and any disruption to its availability is a significant business risk, which is why Unify is offering significant discounts on many migration options.

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The time to act is now.

Please call 0800 124 4169 or contact your Unify Account Manager or partner to arrange a review of your legacy network and how Unify can assist you in migrating to a new modern solution.

Alternatively, you can find a Unify Accredited Partner to assist you on your migration path.

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