Service Delivery Partners

Let’s work together.

Service delivery is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Become part of our world-class service delivery program and increase revenue opportunities.

Our Service Partner program

Designed to help us deliver a world-class service—and help you increase your revenue opportunities.

As a leading global supplier of communication services, we provide managed services for over 700 enterprise customers, with over 2.5 million users. Our Service Partners play a big role in delivering this world-class service. We’ve designed our certification program to let you offer customers best-in-class installation, MAC (moves and changes) and maintenance service delivery on our behalf.

Become a preferred supplier.

Once you become certified, you will automatically become a preferred supplier and be able to offer our services and receive customer referrals. That means you can expand your client base, without any additional marketing expenditure.

And, you’ll get access to the latest industry developments and product updates, plus access to a worldwide service community. You can keep one step ahead of your competition, and bid for projects more accurately and successfully.

A strong program with strong benefits

Becoming a Unify Service Partner allows you to:

  • Access training programs
  • Access a service knowledge database
  • Order spare parts electronically
  • Access electronic service manuals

How do you get started?

The certification process is rigorous but rewarding. Once you have been selected, we will provide you with all the assistance and training you need to reach the required standard.

So go ahead: register your interest. We’ll analyze your service capability, skills, processes and tools and help you follow the steps to become a certified Service Partner.