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Discover the smart trading turrets.

Manage the expectations of your clients, colleagues and analysts with OpenScape Xpert, the smart turret solution for traders that recognizes the importance of staying connected in a virtualized trading environment. Stay informed. Stay decisive, around the clock – and around the world.

In the money. In the moment.

From bond trades in London, to livestock deals in Chicago, to derivative swaps in Singapore, to carbon credits in Abu Dhabi, global trading never stops. In the largest exchanges in the world, it is not uncommon to see more than 25 million trades per month. To make money reliably in this environment requires seamless communication. Minimize total cost of ownership and drive business results with the smart trading turret.

Success Story | ING Bank Turkey

One of the nation’s fastest growing banks becomes the first in the country to use voice, unified communications, and other applications from a virtualized environment, serving 6,300 employees and 368 branches.

Managing 100+ calls at once? No problem.


With our reliable, easy-to-use solution, traders can handle large, high-intensity call flows simultaneously. They’ll connect everyone they need – internally and outside the floor – to close deals quickly. Unify is uniquely invested in transitioning trading turrets to software, and offers an industry-first, flexible, end-to-end soft and hard turret solution for on-premise environments, private clouds and public clouds.

Finance. Energy. Commodities. Goods. If you have a trade in it, we’ll ensure a reliable, secure workflow.

Simply connected.

OpenScape Xpert’s simple graphical display helps you manage virtually unlimited simultaneous calls, identify and pick those calls easily, put others on hold, and switch between them instantly. Regulatory requirements, security, risk, and compliance are assured, with voice and data integration, in an easily accessible format. 

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