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Transforming the Way PSAPs Manage Communications

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) require software-driven solutions that will empower their staff without burdening them with information overload. NG9-1-1 is a collaboration of services and multimedia sources which must be managed as a unified call flow, not as separate product silos within a PSAP.


Unify empowers the “V” in VoIP
for the most scalable, reliable and highest quality transition to NG9-1-1

Today’s communication technology enhances our lives in many respects, and the systems that serve our emergency needs must also have the same capabilities and operational enhancements. These new capabilities are known as Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). Unify’s approach to NG9-1-1 harnesses the power of our carrier-grade VoIP switch, advanced multimedia routing schemes of our contact center solution with a configurable and adaptive application layer.

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Introducing OpenScape First Response for NG9-1-1

OpenScape First Response allows emergency calls can be placed and responded to via text message, video, and social media in addition to traditional voice communication. As a result, citizens have the ability to request emergency services through both traditional and new media, providing the communication pathway to the public which will enable the most effective and efficient method of contacting 9-1-1.

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A simple, powerful and configurable interface

We have developed a feature-rich user interface to address existing 9-1-1 communication processes and, as new media types become prevalent, we provide a single application layer for managing all NG9-1-1 content according to rules, skills or content-specific policies. And, to minimize impact on call takers, OpenScape First Response provides a customizable layout (as well as preconfigured templates) to mirror what users are familiar with in their current system. This decreases the training time and ensures ease of transition.

“With our legacy hardware solution, 911 responders were expected to pick up the call, handle the inquiry, dispatch emergency personnel, and resolve the issue without access to real-time information. Now, with OpenScape, we have not had a system-caused lost call or center outage, even when some of the largest natural disasters on record have hit our region.”

Ray Windisch, 9-1-1 Coordinator, Baltimore County

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The benefits of OpenScape First Response

OpenScape First Response provides an intuitive, unified desktop that provides enhanced situation responsiveness. It leverages video and data, allowing first responders to share live footage with the control center, or with other colleagues en route. This provides a much more accurate picture of an emergency situation -- reducing incident response times by using a multitude of potential data sources for incident command. From receiving and processing multimedia emergency contacts, to using location-based services to pinpoint the exact location of an emergency situation, and establishing real-time visual assessments using available surveillance cameras, OpenScape First Response is the foundation for more responsive public safety and protection.

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