HiPath DX/Realitis - End of Software Support April 2017

If you have a HiPath DX/Realitis or multiple DX’s, then this affects you and you need to make sure you are aware of the impact to you and your business by reading the information below.

In May 2010 – Unify announced the end of life plan for the DX, with formal end of sales of systems in 2013 and the end of software development and third line development support in April 2017 which is now imminent and your need to take action at this time is critical.

Your communications system is vital to your organisation and any disruption to its availability is a significant business risk, which is why Unify is offering significant discounts on many migration options.

So what does this mean to you?

Unify is working with many DX/Realitis customers to ensure the risks are mitigated and that they are working to a migration plan which actually offers benefits in terms of costs and also new capability and functionality of new Unify solutions. Unify can continue to ensure business continuity during your migration and is best placed to do so as the product owner of the DX/Realitis.

Whilst April 2017 is the end of 3rd line / vendor support / escalation and also the end of software and patch development, Unify will continue to provide a break/fix maintenance service. For some customers having no vendor 3rd line support is a risk too great and Unify are actively helping to migrate with some great migration offers including license transfer. Others are prepared to take this risk and therefore we continue to offer this reduced maintenance service. It should be noted NO other party has the ability to offer 3rd line support. This is exclusively the domain of Unify and will not be available to any other channel.  

Unify can also provide the best support for your DX/Realitis as we have access to information and technical experts to help maintain your DX while you migrate. Unify continues to retain key skills on the DX and ensure assured manufacturer spares, information and known software fixes. This is unique to a Unify supported customer. Some DX/Realitis customers are being told there are no issues, and that support can continue post April 2017, this is simply not true, the risks of using an out of support system are significant.

The time to act is now.

Please call 0800 124 4169 or contact your Unify Account Manager or partner to arrange a review of your HiPath DX network and how Unify can assist you in migrating to a new modern solution.

Alternatively, you can find a Unify Accredited Partner to assist you on your migration path at: http://www.unify.com/uk/partners/find-partner.aspx


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