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Flexibility from G-Cloud

G-Cloud (or Government Cloud) offers public sector organisations the opportunity to buy and host services in the Cloud. It’s a pay as you go, instantly scalable option that injects the kind of agility you need to marry the competing priorities of cost and service delivery. It's the simplest way to buy from Unify.

G-Cloud offers a true consumption-based pricing model. You can renew your communications and collaboration services on a monthly basis. It frees smaller departments from the constraints of cumbersome, rigid contracts. And the framework allows you to scale up and down as and when - to deal with peaks and troughs in demand.

And you can do it all with Unify. Our G-Cloud services are the same as we offer through the PSN framework, so they’re fully compliant and secure. You can take on short term contracts without fear of incurring penalties. And you get the agility you need to serve your citizens in the most responsive and affective way.

Because our unified communications and collaboration services are hosted in the cloud, you’re always up-to-date with the latest versions of software, and are automatically upgraded as capabilities and functionality evolves.

Plus, you’re not subject to the maintenance and support of your Unify solution. It’s all done for you. Crucially, all our cloud services are designed to meet the appropriate security requirements for different departments and use cases.

Under the G-Cloud framework, Unify provides cloud-based communications and professional services through two lots – SaaS (Software as a Service) and SCS (Specialist Cloud Services). 

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