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PSN from the very beginning

The PSN changes the way government departments and agencies, local authorities, and the third sector buy and use voice, data and video services. Because we have been involved from the very beginning – we can support you at every stage of your PSN journey - from compliance to connection, through procurement to service delivery.

As a single, private ‘network of networks’ and open ICT marketplace, the Public Services Network (PSN) is already driving efficiencies, enhancing collaboration and improving service delivery to millions of citizens across the UK. It has the potential to do more.

At Unify we have already invested over £80 million in PSN hosted platforms, accreditation, resources and product development to help you maximize your opportunities, and avoid the pitfalls.

We are the only manufacturer to have a fully PSN-certified product range, while our dedicated approach to PSN transition, delivery and management supports you at every stage of your journey.

Plus, by offering IP Telephony and Managed IPT Solutions as a PSN Service Provider to organizations on the Public Services Network (PSN), you can opt for:

  • Managed IP Telephony Solutions at ISO27001 and Official;
  • Secure Accredited Managed Network at Official;

All our services are PGA accredited and Certified by PSAAB and conform to the PSN Services Framework. That means you’ll enjoy a scalable and highly available solution that enhances inter-working between PSN members, simplifies access to external networks and delivers a wide range of network-centric services.

Within the PSN Services framework, Unify has been awarded six lots:

  • Communication Services (Lot 1)
  • CCTV and Physical Security Monitoring Services (Lot 2)
  • Conferencing Services (Lot 3)
  • Call/Contact Centre Services (Lot 5)
  • LAN Services (Lot 8)
  • Unified Services (Lot 10)


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