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Jun 28, 2016 1:30 PM BST 

When Communication Matters 

Where communication matters - A look at how Communications and Care are converging to deliver better outcomes.

Join Tony Rich for this free webinar, where he will look at :
  • The way in which our respective industries are transforming and where the two converge how they can bring about improvement in the quality of care being delivered. 
  • Globally how we are seeing change in health and telehealth 
  • Current examples of this in UK where voice is no longer just a phone, such as Birmingham Children's Hospital.

We will look at where this can play a part, a future of communications in support of cognitive retention and speech based therapies, and an introduction to Circuit.

2008/2009 saw the biggest impact on healthcare globally as the ripples of the global recession began to make their mark and hit Healthcare providers in the form of Budget cuts and Austerity was a new word. Meanwhile the technology and communications industry was being attacked by Consumerisation. Globally both industries had to embark on transformation programs that even today have to embrace partnerships outside their traditional comfort areas to survive and grow. We will look at what some of those innovative partnerships resulting in better patient centric services and met the Austerity challenge both in UK and other global markets and where we see the future for this convergence within mental health services.

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The Age of The Customer - are you ready to meet their demands

By 2020, less than 10% of companies will be able to differentiate their products from the competition. This is a fascinating notion where the majority of companies will compete and position purely on the basis of customer experience. So are you ready for the customer engagement age?

Customer engagement can range from zero-touch self-services to high touch customer conversations. Customers have seemingly unlimited ways of interacting with companies, whether it be voice, email, chat, video or social media. With customers in the driver’s seat they want to engage using the channel of their choice, and have those interactions woven together for a contextual, integrated, 360 degree service. An omni-channel approach means more relevant engagement for improved satisfaction and retention, and better business decisions.

Join us at 9:30am on Wednesday, 8th June when Kathryn Penn will share the key to using collaboration and new ways of working to improve customer service and make it a business wide mandate.

Key Take-aways:
  • Discover the key to improving customer engagement in today’s omni channel world
  • Hear how a 360 degree view of your customer delivers a single customer truth for relevant interactions, trust and loyalty.

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Collaborative Learning equips next gen students to succeed

The University experience is dramatically evolving.
Students today don’t just covet a good degree, they want to immerse themselves in an all encompassing experience that stimulates, fuels and develops their desire to learn as much as possible attaining to their given subject area, and then to be offered every opportunity to practice effectively applying this learning using modern techniques & technologies.

Research confirms today’s students are basing their selection criteria not only on subject area reputation, but also on how well they perceive a University is able to blend modern teaching techniques & technology with traditional methods. This is a clearest indication that students expect a profoundly enriching experience.

Allow Unify to share our experiences of working with many Universities to get this balance right between traditional and highly social collaborative styles of communication that enriches the learning and appeals to today's technology astute students.

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Can you afford not to offer flexible working? 

Our research shows that more than 33% of people would leave their current business to join one that offered flexible working. We are witnessing a new era in workplace culture and management that will require organisations to accommodate employees' changing attitudes about work, their personal lives, and what matters to them most.

Unify, a global leader in communications, shared research which outlines the demand for flexible work options, and details employee preferences. Hosted by Sally Barringer FCIPD, we showed how technology and a Flex Work culture can help retain staff, attract and recruit from a wider talent pool as well as contribute to the top and bottom line of your business.

Key Take-aways:
  • Understand trends in how people (really) want to work today 
  • Identify the benefits of, and the key to, delivering a flex work culture 
  • Discover the secret to maintaining high user adoption, maximising ROI and team effectiveness 

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