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A Sound Look

A Sound Look Gains a Dynamic Work Experience with Circuit

It was no surprise that A Sound Look, a 20-year-old global firm with roots in the audio-visual realm, now offering out-of-the-box solutions for network systems, would have high expectations for its workplace technology.

The Task

With virtual team members distributed throughout the United States and the Philippines, A Sound Look required a communication and collaboration solution that was easy-to-use, would help them make faster decisions, and build cohesiveness amongst team members no matter the place, or time zone. 

The Solution

Built based upon years of intensive study about how people work, Circuit brings real-time insights to any conversation stream across voice, text, video, screen sharing and document sharing. By contextually aligning communication with business processes, it enables more efficient and informed workflow, optimizing people’s ability to leverage conversations into actionable knowledge. 

The Benefits

Circuit eliminates many of the problems associated with #emailfail. For example, it is estimated that it takes approximately 61 emails for people to make one decision at work. With Circuit, all of these steps are eliminated and consolidated into a single stream, where team members have real-time visibility into conversations and information.

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