Commercial and Retail Success Story | Borussia Dortmund (BVB)

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OpenScape UC brings BVB to the forefront of communications

Record ticket sales and a fast growing merchandise business had stretched communications of BVB, a leading German football club, to the limit. The answer was to modernize its infrastructure and deploy Unified Communications from Unify.


  • Transition to a modern, flexible and open communication infrastructure.
  • Efficient integration of external locations. • Introduction of Unified Communications across the whole company for greater mobility and employee flexibility and productivity.
  • Conversion from 3 to 4 digit dialing plan. The conversion would have to be a flash cutover with the 3 digit numbers remaining available up to a pre-set date.
  • Optimization of access to ticketing and merchandising, especially during peak times.
  • High availability and reliability of the communications solution.
  • Rapid response and rectification of faults through Managed Services.


  • Replacement of the existing communications solution with OpenScape Voice.
  • Integration of external locations (HiPath 3000).
  • Introduction of Unified Communications based on OpenScape UC Application and OpenScape Web Collaboration.
  • Establishment of UC enabled operators via OpenScape Concierge.
  • Use of OpenScape Contact Center for ticketing and merchandising.
  • User and location administration using OpenScape Accounting Management.
  • Enterasys VoIP-LAN.
  • Virtualization of Voice, UC and Contact Center applications using VMware technology.
  • Operational Support through Managed Services for the main servers and applications.


  • Greater mobility, productivity and availability through Unified Communications.
  • Productive inter-site collaboration, through integration of external locations.
  • Increased flexibility in further developing the communications infrastructure.
  • Efficient collaboration within the company, as well as with partners and sponsors.
  • Shorter response times for ticketing and merchandising requests, especially during peak times.
  • Failure-proof and future-proof communications infrastructure from the UC market leader.
  • Managed Services reduces costs and guarantees high availability of the solution.

Download the full Borussia Dortmund (BVB) Success Story PDF


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