Healthcare Success Story | Dr. Christóvão da Gama Hospital

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A comprehensive Unified Communications solution and total infrastructure refresh from Unify bring reduced costs and expanded mobility capabilities

The solution adopted by the Hospital includes: data infrastructure; IP-based communications; and applications management solutions. The aim is to: enhance mobility, scalability, accessibility and performance of the Hospital systems network; and to reduce the Hospital’s operational costs.


After 50 years of history and success, Dr. Christóvão da Gama Maternity Hospital’s growth had meant poor telephony systems where outages and poor connections were becoming standard, and ‘no phone service available’ was very common on rainy days. Prioritizing investment in telephony, Dr. Christóvão da Gama Maternity Hospital’s newly formed technology board wanted a system that would be scalable, flexible and innovative, while still meeting the most important initial priority, given the 24-hour nature of a hospital, any disruption of service was unacceptable. Unify was identified as the ideal partner for the program, given their solutions perfectly fulfilled Dr. Christóvão da Gama Maternity Hospital’s every telephony need.


Solution deployed by Unify includes:

  • OpenScape UC Suite with:
    • OpenScape Voice virtualized (telephony)
    • OpenScape UC Application (unified communications)
    • OpenScape Xpressions (unified messaging)
    • OpenScape Contact Center virtualized (customer service)
  • Enterasys
  • N-Series (N7) core switch
  • G-Series (G3) distribution switches
  • A-Series (A2) access switches
  • Wireless Controller WS-C20 and Access Points WS-AP3620
  • Managed Services
  • Service Desk 24x7
  • Fault Management for Unify and Enterasys solutions


The investment immediately brought these benefits:

  • energy costs were reduced straight away by 40%
  • 600 clinical and non clinical users, as well as patients are enjoying increased mobility through mobile telephony and WiFi
  • electronic patient records can automatically be accessed and updated remotely
  • solution interoperability, allows the hospital to select any provider, leading to even more savings

Download the full Dr. Christóvão da Gama Hospital Success Story PDF


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