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Communeer GmbH

OpenScape Business X1 Solution’s complete package approach demonstrates its potential to Munich marketing agency.

GmbH’s business motto is “We create content”. This Munich-based creative agency operates on an international level to deliver marketing and PR campaigns and projects across their customer spectrum. Each project team is shaped to meet the requirements of the customer, and as a result each team is very different and very tailored, often incorporating permanent staff alongside contracted specialists. To work in the most effective way across flexible teams and international barriers, the only answer is exceptional communications. Unify’s OpenScape Business solution presented the ideal opportunity for Communeer.


  • To shape an integrated communications environment that will facilitate the flexible working demands of Communeer’s project teams
  • To integrate smart phones as fully adequate participants of the new communications system
  • Shorter reaction times through more efficient communications processes
  • Easy integration of permanent employees and freelancers


  • OpenScape Business X1
  • One Number Service (ONS)
  • Unified Communications with UC Smart
  • IP-Telephones OpenStage 60
  • UC-Clients for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone


  • The solution offers a modern, scalable all-in-one solution, capable of responding to the varying number and size of project teams in operation at any given time.
  • The communication system is a business-critical factor in company operations so reliability and easy access to colleagues ensures projects are delivered as efficiently as possible.
  • The One-Number-Service ensures optimal accessibility and flexibility.
  • Scalability of the Unify Solution means Communeer have secured their investment for up to 30 users.
  • New users can enjoy easy and fast implementation allowing project teams to get operational quickly. 

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