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Communications investment ensures competitive advantages

Today the university’s academic staff can collaborate with its global partners to share knowledge and engage in exchange programs, tuition delivery and research activities. All users, including students, can access its network using any device to take advantage of powerful unified communication tools.


Jacobs University Bremen, which has been training students from every continent to become global leaders for ten years, is a private and accredited educational institution that is officially recognized by the Government. Communication is an integral part of its daily operations and in many ways plays a central role in the rich “e-landscape” of the University. Consequently, benefits in communication are also considered to be competitive advantages. Introducing unified communications would ensure that benefits were to be achieved by merging existing but previously disparate communication channels. Three goals were set for this purpose: optimising multi-modal communications, reducing roaming costs for mobile employees and more efficient control of accessibility.


Since its inception, Jacobs University Bremen has been relying on the communication solutions from Unify. Other providers in the IT industry were, of course, also considered for the provision of a UC solution, but the decisive factors for selecting the OpenScape UC solution were costefficiency and reliability.

The UC solution includes the following components:

  • OpenScape UC Server.
  • OpenScape UC Application.
  • OpenScape Web Collaboration.
  • OpenScape Mobility.


  • Simplified implementation and deployment, as well as seamless integration in existing applications, thanks to open standards.
  • Low access barriers for users through user-friendly devices and applications.
  • Optimization of multi-modal communication processes by integrating different communication tools.
  • Reduction of communication and roaming costs through fixed mobile convergence.
  • Protection of previous investments through integration in the existing information and communication infrastructure.
  • Expansion of competitive advantages through communication benefits.

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