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Technology bolsters the transfer of power in Kenya

The County Connectivity Project, managed by Unify – and Soulco Projects is laying the foundation of a new e-government strategy in the Republic of Kenya, part of a constitutional imperative to devolve governmental power to 47 counties.


Improved access to government services is one benefit of Kenya‘s new 2010 constitution written to guide the devolution of its central government. Under new terms and revised structure, Kenya’s 47 counties will provide equal access to government services to all its citizens. To enable this, each county will require secure connections to Kenya‘s National Optical Fiber Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI), which will in turn require a voice and data IP network and IP telephony infrastructure throughout the entire country.


Unify/Soulco Projects consortium has provided:

  • OpenScape 4000 platform with OpenScape Video
  • 5,500 OpenStage 20 telephone sets
  • Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol radio systems connecting to the NOFBI
  • Secure Enterasys data components for WAN/LAN applications
  • Financing according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) procedures of the Belgian government.


The Project will provide all citizens with equal access to high-quality public services, in line with Kenya’s new constitution. When the necessary ICT infrastructure is in place, all county governments will be linked to the Central Administration providing more efficient, relevant and accessible interactive services. The last-mile County Connectivity Project leverages Kenya’s terrestrial 5,500 km NOFBI. It’s an important step towards transitioning Kenya from a highly centralized government to a devolved government system.

Download the full Kenyan President’s Office Success Story PDF


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