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Providing expert technical advice critical for MG Owners’ Club

“We are delighted with the benefits that the new generation HiPath 3000 equipment brings. The integrated contact centre works very well and the training has really helped improve productivity in our office.” (Richard Monk, Managing Director)


A thriving business with 30,000 world-wide members and a range of successful publications, the MG Owners’ Club is the embodiment of the classic car brand and the key source of technical information for owners and a key channel for different classified advertisers. Customers need precise and timely information for maintenance, repair and restoration purposes. With incoming calls now exceeding 500 each day, the club needed a way to manage and distribute calls to provide the best customer service. 

Unify HiPath 3000 Revision 8, OpenScape Office and OpenScape Office Contact Centre provided a unified communications platform based on the latest IP-based voice technology. Its presence management and mobility capabilities have helped save time and improve responsiveness.


  • High volume of calls – approximately 500 and 600 every day
  • Variety of advertising and technical enquiries
  • An estimated 60% of calls are sales enquiries, demanding a rapid and focused response
  • Some staff are remote from office and on the move
  • Unify HiPath 3000, OpenScape Office and OpenOffice Contact Centre provided a unified communications platform based on the latest IP-based voice technology
  • Unify HiPath OpenScape Office Contact Centre meets the business’ communications needs and can be ‘layered’ over the existing IT network using OptiClient ‘soft’ telephones
  • Remote workers fully integrated into the solution – working as if they were in the office
  • A converged IT and communications solution


  • Improved contact for staff using presence management, mobility and call routing, replacing ‘dead end’ voicemails
  • Enhanced responsiveness for clients and consultants
  • Positioning of business as an ‘always on’ services to disparate types of customer
  • Enhanced productivity: balance of human interaction and streamlined administration procedures
  • Improved handling of complex technical and sales calls
  • A flexible platform scalable to MG Owners’ Club’s growth

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