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Harmonize your communications experience

Recently, ZK Research found that 80% of enterprises offer some level of support for ‘bring your own device’, and Morgan Stanley research says in Q2 2013, the installed base of mobile devices exceeds laptops and PCs. But can today’s anywhere worker be more responsive, more productive and more collaborative than ever before?

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Five ways that mobility will change your contact center

We used to discuss how mobile communications was poised to change how we work and communicate; it almost sounds quaint in retrospect. Because mobility hasn’t just changed things; it has obliterated old models, personal and professional, and replaced them with new ones including within Government contact centers.

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Work With Me - The Business value of collaboration & How to Make it Work

New research shows that beyond a nice ROI for technology  and services, collaboration has clear correlations to  business performance.

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Thought Trails™ - Faster access to knowledge

Today, conversations happen across multiple devices and
communication channels. Having a tool that brings together these multi-modal conversations into one place can deliver an experience that becomes a big advantage for you, your customers and your employees.

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Intelligent Spaces - Boosting team focus

In today’s complex world of free-flowing and readily accessible information, how do you make sense of it all while maintaining focus on what’s really important?

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Web RTC – The Next Generation of Communications

A seismic shift is underway that has the potential to change the way communications infrastructures are developed across the public and private sector. If applied correctly, it can be the forerunner of a new approach enabling ways of working that deliver real financial benefits.

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A New Way to Work

This white paper, the first in a new series on the New Way to Work, introduces the critical topic of engagement and discusses why engagement is vital to enterprise performance

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A New Way to Work in Healthcare

Healthcare Teams that Focus on Patient Engagement

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OpenScape 4000 Portfolio Journey

You’ve seen all the changes in communications over the last decade. One solution is there every step of the way, adapting, changing, and evolving.

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Public Services Network

The PSN is here…now it’s time to grasp the benefits.
A single private ‘network of networks’, the Public Services Network (PSN) will revolutionise the way government departments, local authorities the third sector buy and use voice and data networks.

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Mobile Security

Mobility is good for productivity but also represents a serious risk to information security.

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Vibrant Conversations

Discover how Vibrant Conversations will have the greatest impact on your teams.

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Seamless Transitions

Seamless Transitions – from calls to conversations.

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Connecting Citizens to Services

Citizen demands to access government services are rising through a plethora of new channels amid budgetary pressure. Find out how you can take nines steps to develop a roadmap to citizen engagement transformation.

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