Circuit Meeting Room

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Choose a room. Grab your tablet.
Open Circuit. Click and Connect.

Watch video

Welcome to video conferencing for today’s digital workstyles.

Space to collaborate

Circuit Meeting Room is different. It combines the value of videoconferencing with the power and persistency of social collaboration – for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, it’s redefining the concept and practise of video conferencing.

It’s click and connect

There are no support requirements, no complex call instructions, and no gadgets. Just our little black box, a USB HD video camera, and USB speakerphone is all that’s needed to create your collaboration space. This is the digital workplace.

The way you work

All-in-one solution specifically engineered for easily and quickly connecting mobile, social and virtual teams securely in the huddle and break-out rooms surrounding today’s open plan, office environments.

Enhancing performance

Moving beyond the face-to-face benefits of conventional systems to bring the collaborative power of Circuit to every video conference.

Circuit Meeting Room Features

  • Easy to set up and maintain video conferencing, connecting remote, mobile and local teams
  • User friendly video, audio and social collaboration that uses industry standard tools you already have
  • Durable, compact, Circuit box - ideal for today’s video conference room, in any room
  • Support for many audio options to meet room or team needs
  • Add persistency to videoconference. Record the meeting and automatically add it into the conversation, along with your meeting notes and documents, so you can easily capture and share the results and actions. And refer back to them, when needed

Circuit Meeting Room - reuse

A collaboration

Begin your conference from any device, on any network. Share your screen. Edit a document. Record the session and post everything to a conversation in Circuit.

Circuit Meeting Room - collaborate

Instant invitations

Join in seconds, from home, on-the-move, in huddle rooms, the boardroom - wherever your teams are, from any location, at any time.

Circuit Meeting Room - invite

Reuse, don't reinvest

Circuit Meeting Room integrates seamlessly with standard conferencing peripherals to maximize your existing investment.

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