Inbound Contact Centers

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Deliver resolution at first contact.

Your customers demand first-class service and personalized support across all channels of contact, every time. And so they should. Can your contact center deliver?

Enhance your customer relationships with every interaction.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • High abandoned call rates
  • Low first-contact resolution
  • Missed service level targets
  • High agent turnover
  • Low customer satisfaction

OpenScape Contact Center meets and beats those challenges by helping you keep pace with customers’ demands, giving you a competitive edge. It’s designed to maximize first-contact resolution through intelligent skills-based routing, along with built-in expert presence and collaboration tools.

OpenScape Contact Center Agile

  • Single site, up to 100 concurrent agents
  • Group-based routing of inbound phone, IVR, call backs, and email
  • Integrated database with real-time and historical reporting
  • Integrated basic IVR
  • Pre-packaged CRM plug-ins
  • Works with HiPath 3000 voice platform

OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise

  • Single site or multi-site networked
  • Up to 1500 concurrent agents per system, 7500 agents per cluster
  • Skills-based routing of inbound and outbound voice, callbacks, IVR, email, web chat, voicemail, fax, and social media
  • Integrated database and reporting
  • Integrated IVR and Voice Portal options
  • Pre-packaged and custom Social Media and CRM integrations
  • Works with OpenScape 4000 and OpenScape Voice platforms

Staying in touch, staying on top

Keeping contact with your customers is critical, and George Despinic, Manager of Global Solutions Marketing for Unify, has the answer: OpenScape Contact Center Suite. It’s the most flexible, scalable, and comprehensive contact center suite available today, keeping you in contact over the phone, through email, to chat, and even social media. Watch the video to see it in action now!

Customer service, made simple.

As a multichannel system for routing, tracking and handling customer phone, email and web chat interactions, OpenScape Contact Center provides intelligent skills-based routing, ensuring that all customer contacts are directed to the most qualified person to handle the interaction, as quickly as possible.

The agent and manager interfaces are easy to use and packed with tools to help get the job done. And it meets the demands of today’s multimedia contact center, while keeping pace with future requirements.

Tools to offer world-class customer service.

We provide a single, unified client for administration, management and historical and real-time reporting to simplify operations. OpenScape Contact Center can also be deployed as a virtual contact center by centrally locating it in a data center, or by networking multiple servers together, allowing you to easily scale up to 7,500 agents. And with an integrated IVR, you can provide an automated and intelligent ”front end” to your contact center, without the usual cost and complexity.

What does it all add up to?

Improved service levels. Higher efficiency. Reduced agent turnover. And happier customers.

Success Story | Segurauto is reinventing the way automobile insurance is sold in Spain thanks to Unify’s Contact Center solution that seamlessly integrates social media into agents’ workflows.

Success Story | Neutraal Ziekenfonds

How did this customer increase their answer rate from 40% to 90% within 20 seconds and first call resolution to 80%, resulting in a 60% reduction in call volume? Read on.

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