Energy and Utilities

Because every second counts

Energy and Utilities are always there. Until they're not.
And that's when things start to unravel fast.

When supply is threatened, outages occur or freak weather gets the better of your infrastructure, we're here to help
...because we know every second counts.

OpenScape Xpert Dispatch
in Action

In energy and utility command and control centres across the world our dispatch applications, touchscreen terminals and multi-line communication solutions are protecting lone workers, accelerating emergency response and simplifying incident coordination.

There's a substation incident, and a fast response is required.
Get the facts, figures and see OpenScape Xpert in action.


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OpenScape Xpert Dispatch

A powerful call management solution for emergency Command & Control centers. When an incident occurs and every second counts Public Safety officials, emergency services and energy & utility firms rely on OpenScape Xpert. This multi-line dispatch solution is designed to dramatically simplify incident management and time critical command & control.

OpenScape Xpert Command and Control

Strategic customer service

Can you reliably and predictably handle the customer inquiries that go with a service-impacting event – on the first attempt? Can you leave them sensing that you’re a trustworthy partner? Would you like to know what they think before they tell you? And can you measure this to understand where you’re weak and strong?

The window to this world is Unify’s contact center solutions. Integrate with social media to know and respond to what’s being posted about you. Let customers hear alerts and service updates. Send inquiries to the right experts. Push alerts about developing situations. And monitor, measure, and manage it all from one place.


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Next generation dispatch today

The dispatcher's role is evolving, and with it the technology at their fingertips. It's time to cut through the complexity, streamline the operator interface and deliver the tools you need to respond to any incident, in an instant.

Explore dispatch best practices in energy & utilities markets.


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OpenScape Alarm Response (OSCAR)

OpenScape’s alarm response solution that helps customers handle critical situations. Whatever the event, OSCAR triggers action. The concept is simple, based on a particular workflow, and in the event of a trigger, OSCAR send relevant, real time information from one device to another. By eliminating human latency - action can be taken more quickly, using a variety of devices over various media.

OpenScape Alarm Response - Oscar


Built for rapid response

With every incident a potential customer complaint, a trip down the league tables or a step away from lucratice service incentives, time critical response matters.

OpenScape Xpert is built for rapid response, in the command center, in the field and on the trading floor; connecting people to information, protecting first responders, delivering lightening quick reactions.


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Lightening quick trading with OpenScape Xpert Trader

The world's major trading institutions use OpenScape Xpert Trader to enhance trader productivity, eliminate downtime and deliver fully compliant, lightening quick trading floor conversations.

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Success Story | Orlando Utilities Commission 

Orlando Utilities Commission, “The Reliable One,” Deploys Unify and Lives Up to Its Name.

Success Story | The Energy Authority (TEA) 

Maximizing trader productivity and reducing costs on TEA's trading floor.

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