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These days, one of the best ways to reinforce the value of a product or service is through a compelling story. And nothing showcases that value better than a customer’s own use case.

We would like to tell the story of your experience with us—reinforcing the value of our relationship and showcasing your organization for its thought leadership in how you are maximising the opportunity that advances in communications technologies present.

We’d love to:

  • Hear about your organization, and your vision for how better communications tools are helping you better serve your employees, customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Hear about your experience with Unify, the solutions you have implemented, and any observations about the nature of our working relationship.
  • Welcome you to the ever-growing list of thought leaders in our Global Customer Reference Program (GCRP).

The GCRP has many elements – from 1-to-1 discussions, to short quotations, to slideware, to success stories, to ROI case studies, to testimonial videos, industry speaking engagements and beyond – providing mutually beneficial publicity for Unify and our customers.

The time commitment required is minimal, and the customer is always in complete control over how, when and where their name is used.

Nominate yourself, or a customer you have served as Unify partner. Just complete the form to the right today and:

  • Put your business and technology success center stage, positioning you as an industry leader
  • Open the door to networking with peers and Unify experts
  • Get sneak peaks of exciting new Unify product features
  • Obtain high quality deliverables that can be used within your organization to demonstrate ROI and investment benefits
  • Get personal recognition externally

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