Export Control and Customs at Unify

1. Export Control

General Information

As a globally operating company, Unify play an active role in foreign trade compliance. We supply our products, services and solutions to customer world wide.

As part of our company's internal export control program, Unify analyses products, destination countries, consignees and end-use. The program is based on the export control regulations issued by the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union and the United States of America.
The Unify export control program also reviews consignees and end-users (companies, organizations and persons) against embargo and sanctioned party’s lists issued by the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union and the United States of America.
Unify won’t execute any transaction which might be in conflict with the export regulations.

More detailed information about export control

Explanation of current export control legislation (Germany, EU, US)

The fundamental principle applying to foreign trade at both GER national and EU levels is the free movement of goods.
According to section § 4 paragraph 1 of the German Foreign Trade and Payments Act (AWG), restrictions and statutory duties can be imposed to protect certain higher-ranking interests.
For information security reasons, Unify supplies products, services and solutions that contain encryption and are therefore subject to controls in connection with the EU Dual Use Regulation and the US Commerce Control List (Export Administration Regulations - EAR).
Unify's products, services and solutions can be exported to a large number of countries on the basis of a German General Export Authorization and License Exceptions in many cases. Depending on the current political situation, individual export licenses may be required.
In cases where a General Authorization or License Exceptions cannot be used for encryption products, Unify can apply for an individual export license from the relevant export authorities.

Classification numbers for the most important product families

 Product family  EU US ECCN   Encryption status CCATS 
 HG 1500  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 OpenScape Webcollaboration  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Restricted  G158458
 OpenScape Business  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 OpenScape 4000  5D002C1A  5D002ENC Restricted G158451 
 OpenScape Xpert  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 OpenScape Branch/SBC  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Restricted  G136458
 OpenScape Contact Center Agile/Enterprise  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 OpenScape UC Application  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 OpenScape Voice  5D002C1A 5D002ENC   Restricted G070827 
 OpenScape Office  5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 OpenScape/Optipoint Family  N  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 RG8700   5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Restricted G061506 
 RG 8300/8350   5D002C1A  5D002ENC  Unrestricted  
 OpenScape Enterprise Express V7 R1  5D002C1A  5D002ENC Restricted   G054959


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2. Customs

To serve our customers and partners globally, an effective and efficient import and export process is essential. Therefore Unify has applied and implemented successfully for the “Authorized Economic Operator” status at German Customs Authority in order to incorporate simplified customs processes for all import and export transactions in our day by day operations.
Unify has been AEO certified and registered under - DEAEOF 121566.