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Joint Interoperability Test Command Certification

Public Sector Agencies and JITC Certification

The way government work is done, for both military and civilian agencies, is changing rapidly. Disruptive forces are reshaping the workplace: new technologies, increasing use of remote workers, bring your own device (BYOD) policies, growing demand for real-time collaboration, and 24/7 availability expectations from citizens.

As a result, enterprise communications are now more complex and essential. Both military and civilian employees expect and need to communicate using a variety of technologies: text messages, instant messages, emails, voicemails, documents, phone calls, audio conferences, shared workspaces, web conferences, video conferences, and more. When integrating and maintaining these various communications technologies, reliability and interoperability issues can surface if component solutions are not engineered to work together from the beginning. This is the fundamental issue Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification addresses.

Unify, the Joint Interoperability Test Command and JITC Certification

JITC is the U.S. Department of Defense's Joint Interoperability Certifier and Operational Test Agency for Information Technology (IT) and National Security Systems (NSS). JITC provides risk-based test evaluation and certification services to ensure joint warfighting IT capabilities are interoperable and support mission needs. JITC Certification is the result of successfully completing rigorous testing against a strict series of interoperability, availability, and cyber security requirements.

Unify has received JITC certification for its OpenScape LSC Voice solution. With CyberSecurity Accreditation awarded in December 2016, OpenScape Voice is now included on the Department of Defense’s Approved Product List (APL).

OpenScape Voice and JITC

Public Sector agencies and other allied country defense forces alike are at a vexing inflection point when it comes to upgrading, replacing or even maintaining mission-critical legacy infrastructure that is essential to their day-to-day operations. Maintaining legacy systems is costly. As government agencies around the world transition to an IP infrastructure, addressing issues of cyber security and interoperability with existing and other network components is at the forefront of the conversation. JITC certification mitigates those concerns.

Unify’s OpenScape Voice solution can help Public Sector agencies as well as commercial enterprises achieve their objectives. This means: promoting innovation by introducing standards-based common operating environments to enable more agile service-orientated architectures; enhancing teleworking by delivering optimized and secure environments; leveraging data by realigning IT investments to become more data-centric; easing adoption and delivery of new enterprise services where new unified capabilities can address gaps in agency networks to support greater team collaboration and productivity.

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