Business VoIP

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Everything you need to know about Business VoIP

Voice over IP (VoIP) is everywhere today, from home phones to the largest global enterprises. What distinguishes Business VoIP in particular? Find out here.

What is Business VoIP?

Business VoIP is what we like to refer to as “enterprise-grade” IP voice. Calls are distributed via your IP network and received on IP-phones rather than your traditional copper wire phone line. But enterprise-grade voice means more than just phone calls -- it is about bullet-proof security, carrier-grade reliability, crystal-clear sound quality and the ability to scale hundreds of thousands of user on one IP network. And, business VoIP needs to be expandable to incorporate unified communications capabilities by adding audio, web and video conferencing, as well as providing mobility options and text chat.

Business VoIP FAQ

Why is it so important to look for Business VoIP? Aren’t consumer VoIP solutions good enough?

Communications is the life blood of your business. Employee and customer communications must be reliable, high quality and always available – not to mention secure. Consumer-grade solutions are not designed to deliver to this standard.

What does Unify have to offer in the Business VoIP area?

Unify’s OpenScape Voice is an industry-leading IP voice platform that is scalable to 500,00 users and is relied upon as a foundation for some of the world’s largest and smartest enterprises. OpenScape Voice also meets carrier-grade standards of reliability, known as “five 9's” uptime.

I have heard of SIP for VoIP. Does SIP mean it is a business VoIP solution?

Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, is a standardized protocol used in IP-voice communications, particularly for enterprise-grade systems. For example, OpenScape Voice is a native SIP-based software solution. Beware of proprietary or ‘closed’ business VoIP systems as they may not interoperate or integrate well with other vendors’ systems.

Is Business VoIP the same as unified communications? They seem to be discussed together.

Business VoIP, or enterprise-grade IP voice, is one element of a unified communications (UC) solution, and is quite often one of the cornerstone foundations of a UC implementation. But UC refers to a broader range of multimedia communications brought together in one harmonized solution.

I own a small business, so what options exist for me for Business VoIP?

OpenScape Business is tailored-made for small and growing businesses, from 10 to 350 users. This way you can enjoy all the flexibility, cost savings and productivity benefits of the OpenScape Voice solution, but in an 'all-in-one’ solution designed for your smaller business.

What if I only want to start with Business VoIP and then add unified communications?

The OpenScape portfolio is a modular solution, you can start with voice – and then add mobility, collaboration and conferencing as you require, for example. It is that flexible and scalable –whenever you need to add capabilities or users, OpenScape can grow to meet your needs.

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