Connected Campus

The New Way to Work in Higher Education

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Student Experiences Matter

University engagement with its student population is a growing challenge. It’s not new, but it is significant. Find out how you can build a collaboration platform to attract, retain, and service students throughout their academic journey.

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Faculty and Administration Productivity

Productivity is under pressure in higher education. But there’s a collaborative answer to boosting efficiency. This means equipping administration and faculty with the right tools increase student retention, participation, experience, and success.

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Virtual Learning - Simplified

Virtual classrooms, collaborative learning, virtual office hours and more - all in a single app.

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Connected Campus

Imagine a future where learning is no longer confined within campus boundaries. Where externally-sourced courses co-exist with those from the host university. Where traditional onsite learning is augmented by immersive video communication, social collaboration and mobile technologies.

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Campus Communications

Improving campus communications is a must, but necessitates a new approach to leverage and deploy collaborative technology to bring students and faculty closer. Selecting deployment options can be difficult.

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Campus Safety and Emergency Response

Dealing with campus emergency situations such as crime, health issues, and natural disasters is critical. Read how you can implement emergency notification, crisis communication, and dispatching solutions to prevent or respond to urgent situations.  

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