Energy and Utilities

You provide what keeps us going.
We help you keep it going.

Few organizations carry life-sustaining responsibility in their daily operations. Yours does.

You help us see in darkness. Quench our thirst. Protect us from heat and cold. Move us. Connect us. Keep us alive.

We make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Keeping things running.
On time, under budget.

Energy and Utilities are are always there. Until they’re not. And when they’re not, things can get messy in a hurry.

What if you could be aware of issues the moment they happen, or before? What if you could automatically alert the right people, including customers? What if you could instantly conference all your stakeholders, wherever they are? And what if you could do all that while enjoying richer, more productive everyday communications? We provide solutions to do just that.



Putting the “rapid” in “response”

Risk management and business continuity planning are part of your daily life – the unknown is expected.

But can you get the right people in place quickly? Can you protect infrastructure and workers in dangerous environments? How do you alert team members and authorities?

Unify’s alarm and dispatch solutions provide fail-safe, flexible tools to alert, respond to, and control critical situations. Announcements and alarms are broadcast, specialized personnel are dispatched, circuits and actuators are activated. First-responders are notified, and critical teams are instantly conferenced. Even lone or remote teammates receive a communications lifeline.

Better than being there

Your world has multiple stakeholders. Customers, regulators, legislators, civic groups, shareholders, even press.

How can you bring everyone together, right now, in one place?

With a click, Web collaboration solutions enable flexible, virtual teams. Review and jointly edit complex documents from anywhere. Draw out an idea on the whiteboard. See the response on colleagues’ faces. On your mobile or at your desktop. In the office, in the field, on the road. Scheduled a minute or a month ago.

Real, meaningful, rich collaboration, right now, wherever you are, without travel.



Strategic customer service

Can you reliably and predictably handle the customer inquiries that go with a service-impacting event – on the first attempt? Can you leave them sensing that you’re a trustworthy partner? Would you like to know what they think before they tell you? And can you measure this to understand where you’re weak and strong?

The window to this world is Unify’s contact center solutions. Integrate with social media to know and respond to what’s being posted about you. Let customers hear alerts and service updates. Send inquiries to the right experts. Push alerts about developing situations. And monitor, measure, and manage it all from one place.

Keeping a small footprint.

You have enough eco challenges. So our solutions
deploy to suit your needs: on your premise, in the cloud,
or a hybrid. Cloud deployments mean you don’t carry the energy, HVAC, and real estate burden of your own data center. If an on-premise model works better for you, our elegant solutions are VMware compatible for a smaller footprint than competitors.

And you don’t need to take IT staff from mission-critical tasks. Because we provide full Professional and Managed Services to design, implement, operate and service our and other vendors’ solutions.

It really is a new way to work.

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