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How team collaboration software can bring your teams together

Teams assemble to achieve a common goal. When team members are remote or distributed, you need the right tools to enable them to connect and collaborate. Here’s how.

What is team collaboration software?

Team collaboration software enables teams to share content and communicate through rich multimedia channels, regardless of whether they are located on the same campus or across the globe. The rapid growth of virtual teams (those not co-located) and remote or mobile workers mean team collaboration software is more important than ever before. Team members can take advantage of file sharing, text messaging and social streams, along with real-time audio, video and web conferencing. Introducing Circuit by Unify.

Collaboration Software FAQ

What are some of the key factors to look for in collaboration software?

Generally speaking, user adoption and ease-of-use are critical to getting value from this type of solution.  A collaboration solution that doesn’t get used has a “zero” ROI.

I have some collaboration and conferencing tools in place now – do I have to start over?

Not always. Solutions that have open interfaces (as opposed to closed and proprietary systems) can be a better choice to work with what you have already and integrate into existing infrastructure.

What is Unify’s vision for collaboration software?

Unify provides both the comprehensive and proven OpenScape portfolio, and has announced the upcoming Circuit (planned for availability in October of 2014). Circuit promises to bring all the channels of communication together for the user in an innovative and intuitive way.

Do I need a lot of in house technical or IT expertise or support staff to leverage collaboration software?

Some customers prefer to deploy and support their own solutions on premise, while others choose a mixture, or “hybrid” of premise and cloud based solutions.  Others go with a cloud-only “pay as you go” model which is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Is collaboration software the same as “groupware”?

We think of groupware as primarily text (email), calendaring and file sharing platforms or portals, where as collaboration software often provides a much broader range of real-time communication capabilities across media in addition to content sharing.

Most of my users are mobile workers.  Can they still take advantage of this solution?

Yes, look for solutions that offer web-based, tablet or smart phone mobile device software clients, as well as conventional desktop capabilities. With today’s ‘anywhere workers’ that is the only way to go.

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