What is WebRTC?


WebRTC is short for web real time communications. Simply put, it’s a technology standard that allows audio, video screen sharing and data to be delivered with simplicity and reliability straight from your WebRTC enabled browser. 


Introducing Circuit by Unify

Circuit by Unify is the industry’s first enterprise-grade WebRTC-based solution, providing a better way to work. It provides virtual teams and ‘anywhere workers’ with high quality voice, HD video, screen sharing, rich formatted messaging, and file sharing in a single platform with a single view. Circuit lets you share knowledge and ideas as naturally when you are apart - as when you are together. Everyone shares a full history of information and content, in a persistent and secure meeting space – from anywhere. If you’re frustrated with too many disparate tools to communicate with, try Circuit and collaborate with one tool in all the ways that come natural to you. Try it out for free at circuit.com


Circuit is the WebRTC Product of the Year Award Winner

Circuit overcomes past challenges connecting media types and managing bandwidth efficiently, all while maintaining the highest standards of security.

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How does WebRTC work?

WebRTC capabilities can convert any pc, laptop or smart phone with a web browser into a sophisticated communications device, allowing text, voice calling, video chat and content sharing – all without dedicated systems or installing specialized software. It is ubiquity of communication, on any device. WebRTC is the forerunner of a new approach, enabling new ways of working that deliver real benefits for mobile workers and virtual teams.


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